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Corporate/Businessman Worksheet

Physics, Common Sense and Silver Shield® - You don't do today's work with yesterday's tools. The Silver Shield® Cover protects the Modular Field Organizer® Unit. This unit is fully adjustable and will fit the needs of many professional workers such as surveyors, contractors, engineers, medical or veterinarian, etc., etc. Any of our configurations or other combinations will assist you or your employees in obtaining the very best system for your personal or company needs. When you change your pickup trucks or when the truck manufacturer changes their box size, your Field Organizer® System is fully adjustable to fit your next truck too!

The Silver Shield® Cover provides security and protection for your valuable equipment yet offers quick, easy access to the pickup box. The Silver Shield® cover is under constant pressure from the spring loaded arms which allow for its versatile, lateral movement and pop-up ability (lifting up). The force needed to lift this cover is equal to about 1/4 of its actual weight. What is happening is that the spring loaded legs transfer the weight to all four legs, allowing you to use one arm to lift the cover, which feels like lifting a few months-old baby.

Streamlined and compact, the Silver Shield® Cover is about 30-50 sq. ft. in area and occupies about 12-18.6 cu. ft. of space. It is a "thinking" design, configured to minimize operational costs by smoothly guiding the air flowing over the surface of the cover, reducing air resistance and drag and allowing you to gain 3-5 miles per gallon of extra driving. Normal air flow and wind exert pressure on the Silver Shield® Cover without any impact on its structural integrity. Here are 25 reasons to consider a Silver Shield® Cover and Modular Field Organizer®.

Management Overview:
Will it do what it is supposed to do for you? yes
Does it have long and short term asset-management capability? (It begins to pay for itself immediately upon installation and has added resale value) yes
Is it a structural part of an add-on-system? (Its options may be ordered and easily added later on) yes
Finance and Features Overview:
Is it cost effective? (Your total investment in Silver Shield® is less than 37 cents a day which buys you: a) security for your valuables, b) gas savings of 3-5 MPG, c) time savings in accessibility, d) safety--preventing accidents due to blind spots) yes
Does it reduce capital investment and maintenance costs, discourage theft and eliminate the impact of the elements on your valuables and improve gas mileage? yes
Does it prolong the life expectancy and effective performance of your truck? (Normally, it's hindered by heavy over-sized caps and utility boxes) yes
Does it eliminate blind spots when looking over your shoulder and increase safety with 360 degrees of unobstructed visibility? yes
Does it improve appearance with streamlined design? yes
Is the commercial unit constructed of all aircraft aluminum, riveted together with up to 700 rivets, reinforced with wood paneling, extruded aluminum ribs and channels for a long life? yes
Is the consumer unit constructed of weather resistant thermo-polymer resins with extruded aluminum frame for a long life? yes
Is the engineering of these products patented (10 patents) and trademark registered? yes
Advantages and Benefits:
Does it provide security, protection, convenience, safety and economy? yes
Does it open to three different positions and can it be driven in any open position? yes
Does it raise and lock on either or both sides allowing total access to the pickup box from either or both sides, while the other side remains locked or unlocked? yes
Does it convert to a camper and workshop? yes
Is it lightweight (40-75 lbs.) but durable and is it only about 20-30 lbs. to lift (approx. weight of a one your-old baby)? yes
Is it made to fit any and all makes and models of trucks? yes
Is it maintenance-free? yes
Is it free from corrosion, rust and cracks? yes
Does it operate noise free? (No rattles or rumbles) yes
Is the commercial unit made to last 15 years and is my total investment in Silver Shield® security cover about $11 a month? yes
Is it easily installed and removed with common hand tools? yes
Does it meet all technical and professional standards? yes
Has Silver Shield® been around for over 50 years? (We're doing something right!!) yes
Are you getting the most value out of your investment with a Silver Shield®? YES

Remember: "The bitterness of poor quality and service lasts much longer than the thrill of a cheaper price." And, it's not so much how much you save, as it is the value you get for your $$$.

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